Isle of Bute - The Bays

Some of Butes best kept secrets are its breathtaking Bays. There are many private and secluded bays on the island of Bute with stunning scenic views, dotted around the island. Here we have listed the most well known and popular of them.
There are 5 main bays on Bute, one more beautiful than the next. Some have fabulous views of Mainland Scotland while others on the south east coast of Bute have vistas across into the Isle of Arran.
Even if lazing around the beach isn't your thing it is definitely worth getting in your hire car and exploring the island, visiting these lovely, calm and tranquil oases.

We have listed them in a clockwise direction around the island so if you do decide to take them all in this is an easy route to take.
  • Kilchatten Bay (The Wee Bay)

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    This sandy bay is better known to the locals as the “wee bay”, which is strange as its actually fairly big. You can find the beach by passing behind the Kingarth hotel and it lies just to the north of the village of Kilchatten bay. There is ample parking with a number of beach homes in the area. The sand is rustic in colour, which is a nod to the abundance of red sandstone in the area. Like most of the other bays the feel of the beach is quiet and contemplative.
    Kilchatten Bay
  • Stravannan Bay (Langalbunioch Beach)

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    Stravannan Bay
    Sitting watching the sunset over the Isle of Arran it’s difficult to imagine that you are less than a couple of hours from the largest city in Scotland – Glasgow. This beach is reached by following the west island way or by following the road to St Blanes Chapel and can only be reached by foot. From this beach you get a real feeling of the geology of the island as you can actually see the volcanic rock layers.
  • Scalpsie Bay

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    If historical facts and/or wildlife are your thing then you will probably want to pay a visit to Scalpsie Bay in Bute. This red tinged, west coast beach was used during World War Two for a variety of military maneuvers. Thought to be a possible landing area for Nazi invasion the beach still has the sunken wooden posts that were part of its air defenses. Scalpsie Bay also has two scenic viewpoints.

    Seal View -From here you can sometimes see a number of seals on the rocks to the north of the bay.
    The second point is above the road and from here you can see for miles. Vast panoramic views of the Isla of Arran make this a spectacularly worthwhile trip.
    Scalpsie Bay Bute
  • St Ninians Bay

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    St Ninians Bay Bute
    The beautiful bay of St Ninians is another west coast bay with fantastic views. From here you can see the island of Inchmarnock which is the sister island to Bute. This mainly uninhabited island is only 2 miles long. The point of St Ninians is a long stretch of land that is often cut off from the island by the daily tides. You will also find the chapel of St Ninians here which was an early site associated with the Christian movement. If you enjoy picking seashells then this lovely white beach is a must.
  • Ettrick Bay

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    The largest of our Bays is the beautiful golden long sandy beach of Ettrick bay. This is a very popular tourist beach and can be busy in the summer months with people swimming and paddling. Part of its popularity is due the great little tearoom, which serves fantastic cakes and nibbles. It is also popular with bird watchers and the bird hide to the south end of the beach is a great place to practice this.
    Ettrick Bay Bute