Port Bannatyne

This small east coast village is only 2 miles from its neighbour Rothesay. Port Bannatyne boasts its own yacht marina, golf course and boatyard and originally grew as a small harbour back when its name was Kamesburgh. The name came from Kames Castle which lies inland of the bay. This fine 12th Century home which was originally surrounded by a moat has developed over the years and is still inhabited today. Infact this is one of the oldest remaining (continually) inhabited homes in Scotland.

Port Bannatyne Golf Club

Golfing in Port Bannatyne
The local golf club is well known for its 13 hole physical course and its wild grazing deer enjoying a tasty bite along the way. Visitors are welcome to the club and with prices starting at £12 a round its a bargain to boot.

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Kames Castle Isle of Bute

Kames Castle Bute
In the 1840's and 50's Port Bannatyne was developed as a rival to Rothesay and also enjoyed the fruits that the steamers brought to the island. Today its a quieter version with only a post office, cafe and two pubs.

It is a perfect location for those wanting to walk or cycle because of its proximity to Rothesay plus there is a bus service which runs roughly every half an hour.