Where to stay?

Hotels / Bed and Breakfast Accomodation in Rothesay

Most of the accommodation on the Isle of Bute is based in and around the capital Rothesay. There s a variety of holiday accommodation from hotels to bed and breakfasts and apartments. Along with our booking partner we have put together a list of properties that you can book safely and directly.
Just pick your preferred property and click on the book now link which will take you to our booking partners secure booking page. From here you can check availability and see some more information on your property,
We wish you an amazing holiday on the beautiful - Isle of Bute
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Holiday Apartments and Holiday Homes in Rothesay

If you prefer something a little more unique and individual then why not try one of our Holiday Apartments or Holiday homes in Rothesay. These great properties give you the independence to enjoy the island at your pace and do what you want to do. They are also great for sharing friends and family.